Snow White

Wednesday is the day I try. Since I wash my hair exactly two times a week, and Wednesday morning after my workout is one of them, and since I have staff meetings that day and not class in BFE (that’s so vuglar. i’m a product of my raisin’, y’all) for eight hours, AND since I like to remember that I am a lady (albeit a lady who just said BFE), I try to look nice on Wednesday. NOT sexy. NEVER sexy. Or hot. Nice. Just nice.

Although truth be told, I’m not a shlumpy girl. It’s just not in me. I may look odd, given my style choices, but never like I didn’t put some thought into those choices.

Anyway, last Wednesday, I was walking up to a staff meeting and the men behind me were talking about I have no idea what, but they are both really chill men, not very “dude” ish in the classical sense (a compliment!) so it really surprised me when one said, “I will TAKE. HIM. OUT.”

I turned, a bit shocked, and eyebrowed him. “?”

He said something in explanation that I did not hear, probably because he was mumbling as his brain was making a connection while he once-overed why my outfit struck a chord.

“SNOW WHITE!” he finally shouted. (yes. shouted.)


“Snow white.”

“I ….don’t understand ANYthing you’re saying right now.” (first the violence, then a mumble, then an exclamation of a princess?)

“Haven’t you ever seen snow white?” He asked, gesturing to my attire with one hand.

“OH! Yes…OH! You’re right. Huh.”

So, I give you, the outfit that made a man shout “Snow White!” With no provocation.

the dress and cardi are really bright, saturated, colors

For reference, here’s the Disney version he was remembering:

also note her hair....

I think my black hair and red streaks (though my streaks aren’t in the shape of a bow, like her red accessory) helped seal the connection

don't mind the girl in the earbuds, listening to study cds while she tries not to get caught taking self portraits.

I gotta say, it put a little extra perk in my step to be compared to a princess. No matter the deeper, somewhat troubling discourse about beauty her story provides, I’m JUST going to take it as a compliment. Here are a couple of extry pics wherein you can sorta see me thinking, “hell. what do i do with my face ESPECIALLY when I’m trying to show I look like snow white?!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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