wherein i press “publish” because i think this crap is all i have to give right now…and hopefully you’re okay with that.

Like everyone else who either attended the all-consuming-and-important Verge conference (don’t act like that’s what I coined it or that it’s a snarky name- it’s founder refers to it as such) or around this crazy community of faith in which i find myself, I am currently reading  Jen Hatmaker’s “7”.  (mine was free but you can get it for about 10 bucks on amazon. Worth it.)


And the book is totally great and inspiring and chock-full-o-nuggets to enjoy, and that’s totally not why I care right now. Right now I care because the woman (who I’ve seen from a distance and via twitter) is SASSY. I think i’ve written about seventy-leven posts about how I haven’t been writing lately (is that irony?) but, clearly, I’ve been posting very little of what I write, so I’m not sure how much you’ve been tracking with that. But reading Jen’s book (like how I just made it as though I know her?) and, now, her blog, I feel so refreshed and encouraged that I can let a little of the crazy out.


Which, please don’t hear me saying that she’s crazy. I’m just saying that she says out loud what a lot of people are thinking or doing.


And truth.be.told.for.whatever.reason, even thought it’s the number one thing I’m complimented on when people comment on my blog, I’ve been afraid to do that lately.


i don’t know why.


and i’m starting to think I’m not gonna know why for a while.


so hows about i just let some of the crazy out now, and you stick with me, and if it ever gets resolved i’ll share but till then (or if it doesn’t) then can we just get back to where we were?


My friend’s old band (and my that i mean i dated half of them or something, whatever) has a song with lyrics that really fit in here,

“You don’t look at me like you did last summer,
so just say yes and you know we’ll be lovers.”


Okay, lovers, it’s like 80 degress cause I live in Texas. So just say yes.


(did that make sense to anyone. i don’t care. i’m publishing. cause i’m trying to get back in the game.)


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