Reveling in the Extraordinary Idiocy of Man

The more I study and spend time with people, the more I realize one thing:

We are all great, brilliant idiots. Our mothers should be proud.

We follow our hearts, the only thing more likely to change than the wind. We use logic only in as much as it’s going to get us what we want, rationalizing to ourselves and often to others. We feed ourselves on entertainment from a light-up box and use blinds and curtains to block out the light of the sun.


And we do the most extraordinary, irrational, nonsensical things. Like risk it all for a chance at love, or deny our selves pleasures to work for something more in the future, like run and bike and swim a hundred miles for the sake of…honestly something I can’t define but dang, do I feel it.


We scale mountains and get ugly tattoos. We fight over anything, everything, even NOTHING. We even fight when what we really want is more.. ::eyebrown:: lovin’. We write epics and listen to the same 2 minute 30 second song, maybe even just the hook, for an entire day.


Have you ever stopped to just think about how absotively, posolutely bonkers we are? Maybe you didn’t get big enough doses as a child. Maybe your world still has thick enough layers of normalization hazing your vision. Maybe you’re just not that observant. Close your eyes. Can you see it? Can you see the ribbons of light, the deafening dark, the art and music of nature and humanity?


Can you see how none of it makes sense- which, of course, makes perfect sense?


What a creative creator.


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