Fine, Whatever

I’ll give you an update.

It’s the eclectic celebration of the dance with roommates right now. Though the Dancer moved out (getting married. rude ;) The social worker moved in to the other room. This weekend, Natalie is moving in to my room with me. And she’s bringing Addie, her sweet boxer pup (not actually a puppy) with whom I am IN LOVE. They”ll be here for 2 months, then for two weeks I’ll be alone in my room, eagerly awaiting my Belle! MAWOIDFN:SIODFEWKRN:ODSIFJESFKn . that’s how i feel about my belle rooming with me.

unrelated photo #1: i made this guy in class last week.

Except that I’m not going to see her much.

I’m taking the summer to become a licenced massage therapist. It is a GRUELING packed schedule, and I’ll have straight 12-14 hour days Monday-Friday, plus working afternoons at a local spa on Saturdays. So….im sad I’ll be so busy June 4-Sept 7, but I truly believe it’s worth it. These magic hands are gonna get paid, y’all!

I’ll going back to grad school in the fall, and am now set to graduate in Dec of 2013 with my Master’s and LPC-Intern license (God willin’, if the creek don’t rise). So, in a year and a half (ish. It’s already summer in my brain), I’ll have my license in massage therapy and my intern license in professional counseling. Eeeee!

social worker says he's "terrifying" but he reminds me of the british catterpillar from David Bowie's 1980's hit: The Labyrinth.

Does that seem to come out of nowhere? It kinda did, kinda didn’t. I’ve known that I had some distant goal of becoming an LMT SOMEday down the road. I am all the time massaging the people around me, and I enjoy helping people heal and relax. But I thought it would happen in like 20 years or so… because for some reason mid 40s seemed like a time when life would slow down. You know, one of those ideas that comes from nowhere and has no evidence WHATsoever.

But I was just in the shower the other day, considering that having goals makes me accomplish a lot more. Like my resolution for the year (which, yep, is still going strong. I’ve done about 600 miles since January). So I made this rough little 5-year plan, which included getting my full LPC (I have to accrue 2600 hours as an LPC intern to get my “full” or “non provisional” license) and becoming an licensed massage therapist by the time I’m 30. (that’s 3 and one half years from now).

And it just all worked out that in the last 2 weeks, I’ve gone from random idea in the shower to full fledged plan and resources. Which is honestly how most decisions in my life work out.

he's a future animal. those wings are cute. and vestigial. maybe i watch too many shows with my friend's kids.....

so, boomtown. you may soon pay me for the healing power of my magic hands.


also boomtown, there’s no sassy way to say that which cannot also be otherwise construed.


c’est la vie.



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