I Dunno, Whatever


That being (not) said, what.the.deuce.

I’ll tell you what.

I used to blog. All the times. The blogs would pour from my fingers to the keys and into your eyeballs (what?). ALL THE BLOGS. And I am a better adjusted human being when I blog. And your life is a little happier because I tell you about the funny stories. ALL THE STORIES. Like how I was accidentally flirting (?) with my classmate except REALLY it only looked that way because REALLY I was embarrassed.

unrelated. adorable. this is my date every-other-friday and he may very well be the king of the wild things.

I’ve realized that all the not blogging I’ve done this semester is directly related to all the working out I have been doing. Which is a lot. Like for shizzle just giggles, I decided to try and do 10 miles a day last week. Done. And even though I got down to 8 minutes each for most of those miles (look, i’m a turtle and an 8 min miles is a HUGE accomplishment for me, even on the elliptical), it take a long time to work out that much. I love it and im not giving up because I made an impossible goal, I’m just saying,

I realized that my former blogging time (free time) has been stolen by working out.

(which, since I know 3.7 of you are wondering: i gained 1.5 lbs. ;) shannon says it must be muscle. which, i dunno, whatever. I’m fine with)


SO, now instead of writing out my thoughts and, in a sense, purging them that way, I keep em bottled up and kick em around in my head because it’s still a little less effort to tell my blog than to tell a friend (lame. true. lrue? trame? I dunno, wahtever :) .

andyetagain completely unrelated but funny because I call this my "naked awkward turtle photobombing" face. I'm not naked. and seester is UNREASONABLY beautiful. all. the. times!

So I think, for my sanity (and vocabulary, i guess, whatever) I need to discipline into blogging more. But it might not happen. I dunno. Whatever.

I CAN’T STOP. whatever.


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