“You make me understand.”

::surprise, surprise, a real-time update!::
Yesterday, I got one of the most calling-affirming comments I’ve ever gotten.

Which is to say something. Because only one person has ever told me she didn’t think i’d be a good counselor. (which, beteedubs, isn’t a bitchy thing to say. it was a true thing to say, and she thought it, and as much as it may hurt or as much as I may ultimately decide it wasn’t true, I am more grateful for those willing to hurt me with truth they perceive than those willing to slab on a salve of silence.)

So back to the affirmation. I’ve been doing a lot of informal counseling with people around me. They come over and we do practice sessions. Every week, same time. (Dear TXLPC Board, no one ever pays me and I do not represent myself as anything other than a friend and student. Please give me a licence next December.) One friend who I have been seeing for a few months now was leaving and paused just at the door.

“I’ve been thinking something,” she said. Oh gosh….here comes a rebuke, I think.
“Yeah? Lay it on me.”
“I want you to know that… you make me understand why people would spend thousands of dollars to go to a therapist continually.”

oh my heart, stars, and rainbows.


After years of hearing really bad accounts of people’s personal experience with counselors (yes, there are some straight up BAD counselors out there who practice for a while before they ever get reported) I was so honored that someone would see me as a good representation of the field I love so much. May the Lord bless me to be able to continue as I take on the sacred task of walking with others through the muck of life, holding out the Gospel and my hands.

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