Your Face is Fun To See

What difference does a face make?

The following is an excerpt from the ridiculousness that is: how people communicate with me (my fault, it’s how i communicate with them too. Andplusalsotoo I love it).

“So when are we redoing the skype time that got hijacked by piano moving?”

“Uhm, Monday at noon my time? So 10 for me.”

“Ooh… Mondays are usually killer after the long work day Sunday for me.”

“I can do Tuesday, but I’d have to chat, not skype.”

“No, it’s more fun to see your face. We’ll make Monday work.”

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(some faces for your pleasure)

I submit for your input: how much difference does it make to see someone. As a less-than-average sentimental creature who isn’t great (meaning, IS pretty awful) at keeping up with people and hates the phone, I was a super skeptic the first time I skyped. I thought I’d get bored having to be still and LOOK at someone who wasn’t there. When people are at my home, I’m usually cleaning something. Or cooking. The point is mostly they are stationary and I am moving and somehow it’s not awful like it sounds cause my place is homey and people generally feel comfortable. (Doubt? come over. I’ll make you something.)

But for whatever reason, back a few years ago I was dating someone far away and we would skype. Or some form of communication that involved webcams and headphones. Probably also involved me being high maintenance. I imagine it was something like, “No, I don’t want to talk on the phone because I get bored but I miss you so I’m unhappy with the situation wahhhhhhhh.” “Okay, let’s try skyping.” “Oh, this fixed it, thx, i’m gonna not address my whinyness.” “cool, me either.”

And then, Bubba and Belle left to pursue God’s calling on their lives in different time zones. RUDE. And truth be told, we do google chat sometimes. Or text. But it really is different to SEE the person across (the world) from you (on the screen). Like making eye contact when you talk to someone. It changes something. Which I hadn’t really thought about until the above conversation.

In fact, sometimes I get intimidated by skype, no matter how well I know the person. Electronic communication just gives me the skeevies sometimes. And skype means a)the computer needs to work b) I should probably brush my hair and c) I PROMISE I LOOK BETTER IN REAL LIFE than this dang lighting suggests. (No, i don’t. so i just promised a lie. dangit! I’m a sinner big time.

But it’s worth it. To schedule and put in the work and shut off the rest of your world for a while. It’s worth it to look in someone’s eyes. I can’t explain how or more importantly WHY it makes such a difference, but I’m grateful that my friends find the difference worth noting.

Go, talk to someone. Look them in the eyes. :)


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