what my working out looks like

::i think from January. maybe Feb::

a few weeks ago, several of the bloggers I respect posted about what working out looks like, responding to this post about “fitspiration” photos.

The point was, hotty mchottersons with great lighting and hair doing sporty things aren’t what working out really looks like. I actually like those photos and they do kind of inspire me. But for a healthy does of reality, this is what my face looked like last week after I spent 3 hours getting 15 miles on the elliptical. I look a little crazed, but pretty happy about the accomplishment.

So tell me, are you a hottie or a nottie when you work out? I will not exaggerate, I’m usually making ridiculous faces in response to whatever I’m reading, and more than once (a day) accidentally make eye contact when I look up, making my neighbors wonder what they did to ellicit such a response. Although it’s not just at the gym that I have the spiritual gifts of making eye contact at the w.o.r.s.t. possible times.  I also sometimes lose such track of myself that I almost fly off my machine because I’m so busy day dreaming. So I’m going to go with “nottie” if only because I think I look like a novella star with all those facial expressions.


2 thoughts on “what my working out looks like

    • :) thanks! I for sure haven’t spent that much time since, it was a one-time deal! but i can do 10 miles in 80 minutes, now, so that’s usually what I shoot for. i wonder what i’ll be doing by the end of the year?

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