“You’d Have a Body Guard”

::from after the break in::

Talking to a friend last night (admittedly, maybe the most protective human being I know) I mentioned that though I’ll go back home in the next few days (I could technically have gone back tonight, I just wasn’t ready emotionally to be alone there) I really wish I had a dog.

“I know if it were up to you and the other men in my life I’d have a dog.”

“If it were up to the men in your life, you’d have a body guard.”

Witty little stinker. (Can you call someone little when they are 6’3″? Nevermind)

Y’all. I cannot say enough how much it has mean to be FLOODED with people caring for me. I think I’ve said before how much I value protectiveness, how effectively it communicates love to me. Well, pplfriends, y’all have communicated a LOT of love. Here are a few excerpts from the support I’ve gotten since Tuesday night’s events unfolded.

First, Bubba, who started the whole thing, “Are you okay? I saw Lisa’s tweet.” (I had planned to stay radio silent about this because it just seemed easier and I didn’t want to worry anyone. But once the cat was out of the interweb bag, there was no going back. Thus I went ahead and explained.)

Then my mom called me to let me know her friend, who I’ve met twice, was taking care of re-key-ing my car. As in figuring it out AND paying for it. Hallelujah.

Friends from out of state. Friends from out of the COUNTRY and their PARENTS and people just down the street. I had people offer their homes, beds, cars, husband’s efforts :) Hank, (my old boss and friend from when I was a carpenter, not to be confused with Hank-who-loves-and-is-married-to-Jess) said the most appropriate encouragement:

“Be brave safely.”

I am often brave, if that’s what you want to call not thinking twice before walking down a dark alley (Joe just punched something at the thought of me doing that). I do not often put a lot of thought into the worst that could happen as far as danger. And I think being brave is good. But Hank brings up the other half. Even if I can’t have a body guard, i should be brave – safely.


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