(out of con)texts

texts, or snippits from conversations, worth sharing.

“i may have overwhelmed him”
“you ARE a hurricane.”

“it’s not worse than creed!”

“that’s totes doable.”
“totes SUPES.”

“totes in-a-pro-pro”

“consider this your creepy text of the day.”

“thank God.”

“meat is gluten free, right?”

“I’m so sore.”
“too much sex.”
“only logical explanation.”

“why am I so tired?”
“you’ve been cat burglar-ing today.”

“is it crazy that I’m excited about the scar?”
“no way. you’ll have a scar and be bald. pure hotness. can’t wait for brain surgery now, huh?”
“yeah, count on me to always take it to the shallow.”


“i’d love to take this opportunity  to say I’m not shallow, but clearly I am.”

“it’s the new mark walberg movie, just like every other mark walberg movie.”
“about him stealing something, right?

“it’s worse than creed!”

“i like absorbing energy from the earth and fighting crime.”

“the bathtub looked like vomit.”
“it did not!”
“well, like tie-dye”
“which is NOT vomit.”

“do you need a hug?”
“need is a strong word.”
“so is love.”
“yes. so is love.”

“have you heard back?”
“well, it’s been a week. so, of course not.”

“some hoodie-footie pajamas have ears.”
“that’s ridiculous.”
“YOU’RE ridiculous!”


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