this face says love

The other day, i was in a mood that can only be described as pure moody moodiness.


The kind of mood where you don’t care about anything. Thus the above fashion statement. Fashion scream of terror, if you will. It was LTG night, so my lovely Holly offered me some grape juice. Which I LOVED. I told her I LOVE this. But my face had her unconvinced.

how does this face NOT say love?

so i tried another face to convince her


Still, unconvinced. So I tried to push moodiness to the side and really go for the gold with my next expression.

y'all. for serious! (also classy, the dora band-aid. dont even know how, but i cut my finger open)

“Can’t you tell how sincere my love is?”

Anyway, since I was brandishing my drinks, I decided to show them both.

double fisting

yes, that is a milkshake. And yes, given the proper motivation, despite being somewhat lactose intolerant, I CAN PUT A MILKSHAKE AWAY in no more than 5 minutes.

What’s great is I don’t eat many sweets, so when I want one, I just go for it. No remorse. Took that to a whole-notha-level with this night. You know, cause of the moodiness. The utter “I DONT CARE ‘BOUT NOTHIN'” ness.

Homie don’t play.

What do you go to when you’re in a mood? What are your milkshakes (or grape juices;) ?


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