un poco schadenfreude para la noche  (spangerman, eh?)

try as i might, i simply cannot find a DSM diagnosis code for this pervasive issue i have, but if i could, it would be listed according to the following symptom:

  • a COMPLETE inability to find (or, most often, even think about finding) a party date before the date of the party.

Read it again, it’ll make sense.

thisisnotahint. i just think it’s funny. one of those “a capable girl like you ought to be able to plan ahead and make social connections as necessary” kind of things.

yes. a girl like me should. the girl that i am can. just.not.ever.in.these.cases.

oye with the parties, already.


happy birthday, john and david, the kings of being queens. ;) i love love love you both.

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