“Where did you get that?”


i am the terror that flaps in the night (anyone? anyone? darkwing duck, y'all!)

I get that  a lot of what we purchase here in America is actually manufactured in other places. But it’s even more special when it is PURCHASED in other places. Like this scarf, that the dancer got me in Egypt. I’ve never seen another like it and the colors are just perfect. Plus, it’s SO. WARM. The Dancer shops uber well for me.

this outfit really does NOT do the scarf justice. just trust me, it's beautiful!

This anklet is from India. I used to have the traditional silver Indian bell anklets, but I lost them ( i lose things) between 2005 and now. So when the Dancer’s fiance wen to India, I asked him to replace them for me. “They should be like a dollar, so I’ll just give you some cash when you get back.” “Nah, it’s your birthday, they can be your present.” “oh, big spender!”

bangles from mama, shoes from daddy, anklet from the dancer's fiance.

but, behold, he got me gold ones with little leaf embellishments. I LOVE them. I also justsohappen to love tinkling (as in the sound, NOT as in losing bladder control) when I walk.

So…there you go. thx dancer y fiance. Sorry, everyone who asks me where i got my accessories.


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