Benefitness, etc

::I wrote this my second week of the 2012 challenge , when I was still positive there was no way I’d make it. It’s fun to look back at my perspective from the beginning and think about how I could further challenge myself in other areas where I think there’s no way I can do something.::

I did it two weeks in a row!

This morning, despite a deep and burning desire to not, as well as a severe case of the “i didn’t get enough sleep”sies, I got in 10(and an extra .5) miles on the elliptical. I just can’t bring myself to say I “ran” 10 miles because elliptical-ling is SO different than regular running.

Anywhosies. I was sure I wouldn’t make it and realized that I’d still hit my goal for the week even if I only got in 8 miles, which I was TEMPTED to stop at, but I have a plan, pplfriends, and that plan is : no less than 6 miles per weekday and 10 miles on Saturday.

I am enjoying so many of the benefits I’d always heard were to be had in regular exercising.

Numbero (i know) uno: I sleep soooooo much better. In fact, I’ve actually been sleeping through the night, as in not waking up until my alarm goes off. I literally cannot recall another time since I was 8 years old (the earliest I can remember paying attention to my sleep) that this happened even two nights in a row – and it’s been most nights for the past few weeks. I know that’s not a long time, but with what my sleep has always been, it’s amazing.

Numbero (I’ve decided I like this iteration of spanglish) dos: I feel so. dang. good. I just feel clean. healthy. like my body is running well. NOT SICK.

Numbero tres: Is actually a benefit I am not receiving: Even though I’m eating the same as before, but working off a LOT more calories, I am not losing any weight. Clothes fit the same and body looks the same. Which doesn’t sound like a benefit but since I started out not caring about weight but caring about being active to improve my health in general, it’s nice that I cannot even be tempted to turn this into a numbers game. Whatever, my body can look like what it wants, I’m still happy, which leads to

Numbero cuatro: I’m so happy! It’s so much easier to maintain a positive outlook and generally approach life with a smile.  I don’t struggle with anxiety or depression right now, and i can tell a HUGE difference based on working out. I took the week of Christmas-NYE off and I was so sad and lethargic, but couldn’t tell why. It was the not working out. Combine getting back to the gym and a change of what I listen to (cleaner music than the typical club mix I used to listen to) and I’m just a happier camper.

oh yeah and numbero cinco: i’m not as hyper. I feel like this is really great for everyone around me that I’ve found a good and healthy outlet for excess energy that sometimes has me bouncing off the walls, sometimes has me making poor decisions cause I’m all riled up.

So, that’s how working out has been going. My current struggles to overcome are:

1)figuring out how to best pack a gym bag (i’ve started showering at the gym)

2)doing something to gain upper body strength – i’ve apparently lost it all since quitting KidStuff

3)working on pace/posture/etc. I don’t pay much attention right now and I need to get better. I almost flew backward off the elliptical (again) this week from just not paying attention.

anyone else just not getting into a little healthy work out routine? how’s it going for you?


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