Commitment to Cold

::a post from Oct 2011 when I first decided to stop being a brat about the cold:::

there are a few reasons right now I know God is in me and working on my little heart. touching things that show me that the king of the UNIVERSE who keeps all things together also has time and care to etch away the dross that so easily entagles me.

Some of them are big, or deep, and some of them are just plain sweet. This chronicles one of the latter.

See, I hate the cold. And by “the cold” i mean “the below 80 degrees.” So yes, for your information, even though it is October and even though the high was 88 today, it is currently 62 out and that freezes the bejeebies out of my brown bottom. Everyone knows I hate the cold. I don’t mean to be a brat about it and i even try not to but….I will start shivering so uncontrollably that complete strangers through blankets on me. I don’t even say anything. I just scrunch up me eyebrows, purse/pout my lips and start shaking like my roommate’s death wish dog. Or a chihuahua but let’s face it, no one wants to admit when they look like a chihuahua. It’s so bad that the people around me accommodate  the environment to me (golllly I’m spoilt!) Like the other day when Daddy V wanted it to be cooler, but instead of turning on the fan he first said, “is there a blanket Ritz can have so I can adjust the temp?”

ANYWAY what I’m trying to say is: I hate the cold. And I LOVE the hot. So even though we had a record setting drought/heat this summer, there was only ONE day the whole time that I thought, “Huh, it’s too warm out.” At that moment the nearest thermometer read 111.

::I never finished this post, but as you can see,  I did commit to less brattiness about my shivers, and God did deliver on the ability to follow through with that commitment. which is nothing short of a miracle.::


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