This post was initiated, or more accurately instigated by me turning on the TV to a showing of 1993’s feature film:  The Beverly Hillbillies .

First of all, did you know that Elly May is the same actress that plays?…well a lot of people on different TV series. And she looks like the original Buffy. But she ain’t.

Or that the grungy neighbor from Office Space is both Jethro and the sweet, albeit terrifying transsexual cousin?

How about the kicker: Jed is Ernest from Ernest  series?

That plus Lily Tomlin, in any role, kicks tail.

Okay but yeah, anyway, none of that is the point. The point is the movie was on for about 30 seconds before I realized OHMYSTARSANDGARTERS, these people are NOT that big of an exaggeration.

Stacy and Tracy may take this wrong, and I hope they don’t, but the Granny character is a LOT like my own dear old Tennessee granny. In fact I almost choked up with nostalgies over how their voices are the same. NOSTALGY TEARS OVER THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, Y’ALL.

Then there’s the fact that my daddy watches the original series. Like, all the time. He’s seen every episode (also Bonanza and Little House and I don’t know what else but a LOT of things).  So of course the music reminds me of him.

I hear tell that daddy can also (or could) do the crazy hillbilly type dancing that I know you don’t think exists, but it does, even though I have never seen the man animated, mama says his legs can kick up in all kinds of crazy ways if there’s a fiddle and and a banjo in the band.

The various wedding attendants from the end of the movie reminded me of the COUNTLESS people daddy introduces me to every time I’m there. It always goes something to the tune of:

“Manda, you remember ______.”

“No, no sir, I don’t.”

“He/She’s kin to you.”

“Oookay.” (i don’t say it disrespectfully, I just don’t EVER know what to say and USUALLY the person is right there, looking at me, equally confused about why this tan young woman has blue hair and is eating breakfast with Timmy.)

“They are your third cousin on your uncle so-and-so’s side from his second marriage back in the 70’s.” I’m not joking. It’s always so random and what makes it more confusing is usually, he can’t remember what my major was in college, but he sure can tell me how I’m related to EVERY person in town whenever I go there.

Now, let me clear this up: NOT EVERYONE IN TENNESSEE IS A HILLBILLIE. Not all of my relatives there are hillbillies. But bygollygeewillikers some are and some are and I’m related to a portion. or most. or all.

And this little mexibilly girl is grateful for ALL her heritage. Including the part I recall most from watching a ficitional but apt portrait from vintage American Television.

::It’s funny that in scheduling a lot of these old posts, this fell just after yesterday’s post about family….I spend a lot of time thinking about family, I suppose.::

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