2012 in 2012

::DID I REALLY NEVER PUBLISH THIS? Ugh. Well, here you go. My resolution for 2012.::


Last year’s resolution was silly, and I mostly made it. I think i caved a few weeks ago when I downloaded spotify and decided I just didn’t care anymore. (Also, i don’t really like spotify. just FYI)

This year, I didn’t think much about resolutions. A friend invited me to join her in the 1000 gifts exercise.  Which isn’t really a resolution but is still great and kinda the same thing- something to do every day this year. But it won’t be a challenge for me, since I already journal a lot.

And i did want a challenge.

I thought, in passing, about trying to “run” 2012 miles in 2012.

And by “run” I mean on an elliptical. Because I am NOT capable of running on the treadmill or just outside around wherever.

Here was my reasoning: for the past month and a half or so, I’ve been working our semi-consistently. That’s the longest I’ve EVER done. At least four, but often six, times a week, I would “run” 3 miles. Then I upped it to five. Sometimes 7. But mostly 5. :)

So I knew I could probably do 1250 in a year (25 miles a week for 50 weeks, allowing for 14 extra days off in addition to my usual day off per week. 15, actually. Because it’s leap year.;)

But to do 2012 miles, I’d need just over 40 miles a week for 50 weeks. (I mean JUST over. like 40.1 or something)

And y’all that’s a lot of miles.

And I don’t know what will happen this year.

And it’s plumb just scary.

So I decided…I’m going for it.

And I’m telling the interweb because it’s so scary and maybe you need encouragement to try as well. I’m all about the encouragement. So let me tell you why 2012 miles in the year 2012 is terrifying, surprising, and exciting for me.

1) Terrifying – first of all, this week I ran the most I ever have in a week- and it was still only 37 miles. I’ve realized that to meet this goal, I’ll need to average 6 miles m-f, my long 10 mile (which i just discovered i can even do when I tried it for the first time yesterday) run on saturday, and not working out on Sunday. Cause that day is for the Lord(t). ;) No, actually because I have to build in a break day or I’ll go off the deep end with break weeks, months, etc.

Also, people tend to associate working out with fitness and weight loss. That’s not what this is about for me. I struggled for years with disordered eating and distorted body image. This cannot turn into a weight loss thing. This is about how much better I feel physically and mentally when I expend and hour of energy at the gym. But it’s scary because…I’m super tempted to turn it in to something about weight loss. 

2) Surprising – until this summer, you could have asked anyone in my life and, especially if they’d ever thrown something at me expecting me to catch it, they’d tell you: I have about the athletic ability of Bruce Lee…during his stint with a broken back. I literally never would have thought I could do anything like what I’ve been doing lately (distance, consistency, ENYJOYMENT). So…this is just not the kind of change I thought I’d make at age 26. Which makes it

3) ENCOURAGING!! Cause I like these changes happening in my life. This whole learning how to be healthier thing…it’s not something for which I had a lot of hope.  And I really really like the effect of learning how to feed myself & working out. Namely: I feel so.much.better. about everything. I underestimated it all until I took the week between Christmas of New Year’s off. I felt crummy and sad and went on long walks but didn’t make the connection until I finally went back to the gym

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