The 2011 Recap

::June is a fine time to wrap up the previous year, right? Almost done with posting old drafts!::


I wrote this a while back, but wanted to wait to post it in case I remembered something important. Well, if I haven’t by now, I’m probably not going to. Feel free to remind me.  Also, I may be the only one who reads and cares about this post and that is A-Okay with me. I want to look back and see what God has been doing with me. I want to be reminded of how much he does, since it’s so easy to forget when it’s all happening. (IRONIC).


I started the new year at a loud bar/restaurant dancing with friends. It was my first NYE outing since I learned that Christians shouldn’t be teases (sanctification process, y’all) because for the first few years, I decided to forgo temptation and instead, I babysat. I brought my pink glitter flask that I got from bubby for Christmas although I’m so drink-illiterate that all I could think to fill it with was wine. Gross.

Then I jetted off to Africa for a few weeks with lovey, spent a lot of time debating the merits of dating two different men (uh…which i never told you about), forgave myself for leaving Africa in 2008, and basically healed.  I came back and started my second semester of grad school.

February was a haze except that I started being sneak-attack dated by one of the guys which took a lot of my emotional capacity. Not that I had much to begin with. I was a VERY confused little creature. But I think this is when I started feeling comfortable in my own skin in a way that has stuck until now.

March brought spring break, and you know what that means: i went to Tennessee to see daddy. Then I got arrested. I can’t believe it was only 9 months ago that I was sitting in a jail cell over some cop’s paperwork mistake. I was fasting from social media for lent, though, so I didn’t write much about it. I also lost like 8 inches of hairs. WOE TO ME.

April ushered in the celebration of the rising of our Lord, which my church did at the Erwin Center. I spent the rest of the day with la familia and it was perfect. God was doing amazing things in my heart because I was able to say that when I went to bed at night, i didn’t feel like anything was missing.

In May, i got my first “B” of grad school. I was ticked. Because my pride was hurt and it jacked my GPA. But I was all about the two week break from school. I went to maybe my first wedding that I really liked. (weddings stress me out). I LOVE LOVE. I was offered my dream job!

June was hot and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to force myself to go to school when I could be at the pool. But I did it and I loved it. I loved summerschool. Which showed me God was MOVING.  I also did the craziest thing I’ve ever done.  Then I almost died because I stopped eating or sleeping for two weeks. But I learned to rest in God and with one 1-day hiccup, I haven’t given in to anxiety like that since.

July was a whirlwind of everything. But I loved it. Though I was a busy, busy girl, i mostly just remember sunshine. Even though I was preparing for the departure of two of my best friends. The love of my life told me he didn’t want me and never would. God was gracious and used the situation to teach me about what I’d been praying for: faithfulness.

August started with a surprising heartbreak of a non-romantic nature and then I took a great leap with September: I stopped working and only went to school, living off what little savings I had for the semester. Oh yeah, and my great grandmother died so I drove through the night to Tennessee for a funeral, taking one more step toward becoming the kind of woman I want to be. But it looks like I never told you about it! Whoops.

Next in September, I had my Belle as a house guest for a few weeks, which was perfect. Then she moved and so did bubba. And I turned 26. I never blogged about it but i found some white hairs and holy moses, I love them. They are so wihte that they are SILVER and look like tinsel attached to my head. For seriously, I love them. I guess now’s the time to admit that this month also was when I first started getting sneak-attack dated by Bonnercup, who I never actually dated, but did fall (hard) for once he admitted he had feeling for me.

October was the month of  me trying really hard to do all the things I wanted to do, no matter what, like going to pumpkin patches and saying “yes” to adventures. Also a lot of conflict I never told you about. It didn’t wreck me but it made the month a touchy one to get through. I also finally admitted to myself that I’d been losing weight (from healthy diet and exercise).

November held my entire actual relationship with Bonner. Including the swoon and the crash-and-burn. School was winding up for finals in the first week of December and I got to spend Thanksgiving with La Familia, so peaceful and perfect (i notice those are the words I usually use for them. :)

December came crashing down around me with the realization that as much as I’ve grown and learned and become more professional and self-aware, I’m still a sinner who needs grace just as desperately now as I ever have. If I had to describe the month of December I would say it was a huge reminder that I’m just old enough to know that I don’t know anything.

I spent NYE at a fantastic party where I got to be pretty and wasn’t tempted to make out with anyone. Which I mention because yes, that’s a big sign to me that God is working and has done some major work in my heart, also.

And now it’s January.

Wow, I realize there are so many things I didn’t chronicle at all this year. Not on my blog, not in my journal. Just not at all. I can barely remember and I don’t have many pix. Okay, I’m glad i did this, it’s a good reminder that remembering is important to me and I have to put more effort into it.

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