Flippant Fashion Post

I need to start out with this: I feel like a pretty pretty princes in my new pink cordoroy TOMS. Which I got for $30 and still gave shoes to someone else because for our 8 year friendiversary, The Mac let me use his last employee discount. Who has the best friends? THIS GIRL. Who has warm tootsies (feet)? THIS GIRL?

Okay, andplusalsotoo, i know this is a great problem to have but basically my closet full of size 10-12 dresses doesn’t have a lot i can wear right now so is anyone a size 8 who wants to let a girl come raid your space? It’s party season and everything is too big. And not a cute too big, an awkward kind. (I know. Alter the things. I will. If I stay this size for longer. But that doesn’t help me in the now, pplfriends!)

yeah, i know. whitegirlproblems. Well, I’m half white. (did you know that? My dad Someone once told me I wasn’t really half Hispanic because my mom’s not that dark. “Raging Racism that’s really funny and was later blamed on morphine for $1000, Alex!”)  (do you follow whitegirlproblems on twitter? i SHAMELESSLY do. I’m also contemplating a “What I Want You To Know” post for rageagainsttheminivan about being bi-racial and self-identification)

ANDPLUSALSOTOO, do you wear glasses? do people always ask if they are “real?” I do, and people do. And I think, in my snarky little brain, “Yes, they are not a figment of your imagination,” and then go off into my own internal debate on Narrative Theory and client perspective and Existential definitions of reality. But that’s all internal and out loud just I say “Yes, they are.” Thinking what the person probably means is “are they perscription, do you need them to see.” But lately, I’ve just been taking it as a compliment, like people like the style of my glasses so much that they think they must just be an accessory. Well, let me tell you, I need them. I go cross-eyed without them (not a good look). But I also wanted to share, in case you need glasses, that I got them online from Zenni Optical (zennioptical.com) and each pair, with frames and lenses and shipping and NOT USING INSURANCE, cost $12-$16. TOTAL.   Even the sunglasses. So, I totes reccomend them.

Lastly for this flippant fashion post, i’ve been doing a special nail thing lately. Like painting all my nails one color and doing something extra/special/different for one (usually an index finger). I’m getting great comments on it and wondering what you think/if you’ve ever done this. I saw it first over at hi pies who, unbeknownst to her, inspired me to try falsies (lashes, y’all!) also WHICH I LOVE.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Any new trends/tries you want to share?

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