Jen Crane Photography

life has been a lot of photoshoots lately.

and thanks to morgan snow for such a fun haircut

A friend of mine owns a cosmetics company and another is a photographer (i am when it comes to their coolness, but they let me hang around. i think it’s cause im funny. and cause i get us free drinks sometimes. meaning coffee! ;)


Jenbird, the photographer, is going to get tired of my face. But she loves Jesus so she’ll keep putting up with it, probably.

she told me i looked like a kewpie doll. i can’t help it. glasses-less-ness = dizziness= cross-eyed-ness

This particular shoot (there have seriously been 4 in the past few weeks) was just because I was having a good hair day and I was at her house.

this is what I feel like i actually look like. and yes, those are “real” prescription glasses. i need them to see properly

I’m a nerd. I think the above photo properly showcases the raw, unabashed nerdiness.


a very demonstrative nerd. this is why i have wrinkles already. my face muscles must be very strong.

i don’t know. someone caption this.

Anyway, so, here’s the point: have fun seeing some pretty pictures. Jen took them. She’s good at it. I’ll post the ones from the other shoots later. Gotta space this crud out, right?


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