“proximal, dismal…”

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m usually not exaggerating in my tweets. Like the following:

Which is funny not only because it’s true, but because of the typo/freudian slip. Since studying kenis at 9pm is pretty dismal. (but i meant disTal). Anyway, i wasn’t really MAKING UP dances so much as remembering ones that Jacob and I used to do at the front desk while waiting for Kerri. Drs can be so obliging when they are married to your best friend.

Below is psuedo-photobooth evidence of said dances.

“Coronal (frontal)”


“Transverse” (this is a washing machine move. if you don’t know what the washing machine move is, go see the cult biopic hit, Selena.)

 “Proximal” (favorite because WHAT are my hips and shoulders doing? this is just supposed to be an arm move)

 “Distal” (a little less sassy. but only a little)

So, i know, what you’re really wondering is:

 Why am I still awake when I have to be up so early and I’ve been awake so long? Well, that’s what IM wondering, anyway.

I’ll tell you why:

Cause Picasa updated on my computer and got a whole slew of new editing options, yo! Including the above “comic book” filter.

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