Cuteness from Homedude

::old posts circa Nov 2011 from a relationship that ended but I still appreciate the cuteness so here, you may also. All of next week will be these old posts just cause I wrote them and want to post them as a record for myself. Then (MAYBE) I’ll start posting new material. No Promises::

probably until im forbidden or all my fingers break, I’ll keep track of conversations I think are funny, or cute, or poignant.

“I didn’t wear any make up today.”
“i bet you were pretty”
“Dang! that one was fast. You’re getting good at this.”
“i saw it coming.”
“How?! You didn’t know I didn’t wear make up today.”
“Yeah, you’re right. It’s just that you’re pretty.”

“I don’t want to get off the phone. It’s breaking the 11th commandment. “Thou shalt not get off the phone with homedude.””
“You should come to church with me. You CLEARly need a refresher on the commandments.”

“Maybe you just wanted to hold my hand because I was around.”
“YOU ARE NOT JUST SOME GIRL. I want to be with you more than I want to be with anyone else.”

“Dude, you’re toast. You like me so much. You think you’re making a decision, but it’s been made. You’re toast!”
“Well you’re toast too!”
“Ugh. We’re completely smitten. GROSS!! I hate when people are smitten.”
“So sweet of God to make you see your pride and how wrong you’ve been to judge others.”
“yeah, yeah.”

“But the POINT is I like pancakes, but I can’t eat a batch, but you don’t like pancakes.”
“They just aren’t what I’d choose. But I don’t have a choice.”
“I’m not going to MAKE you eat pancakes.”
“I want what you want. You want pancakes, I want pancakes.”
“If I’m a bird you’re a bird?!”

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