Massage School

There may come a day when I figure out the balance of using this blog as a tool for my mental health and as a viable means of keeping loved ones updated.


Today, parforthecourse, is NOT that day.


I don’t even think I told you I started massage school last Monday. I did. A week and a half in and I have given three full 50-minute massages. The last one was the worst massage I’ve ever given in my life. We’re learning.

basically my uniform for the summer.


Which also means I currently LIVE in yoga pants. Don’t get me wrong, I look good in my yoga pants (in my obviously not humble opinion) but I just don’t feel totally me. (maybe also plus too because we can’t have nail polish. What? In the moments I have time to care, it KILLS me.) So God help us all, come Sunday (my only day off) I may wear a prom dress to offset the delicate balance of clothes that I care more about than others do.


i also went to houston, finally, to visit family two weeks ago. and by “to visit family” i mean “because i kept having irrational/rational fears that my grandparents were going to die without me seeing them again. THIS is typical driving posture.


Also, I went to Tennessee this weekend. Best time I’ve ever had in Tennessee, even though someone made me cry (don’t worry, I didn’t have time to deal with hurt so i switched to pissed and dealt with the issue). I went….and there is NO easy way to say this….to say goodbye to a dying relative. She means so much to me and it’s difficult to engage this topic so mostly I don’t right now. But there you have it. I was gone for 48 hours and was in the car for 24 of them.

mom needed something, but it was in the trunk. i had the luxury of doing homework in the backseat so i had the privilege of climbing into the trunk via a fold-down seat.

Also, I started “eating clean” (following most of the eat clean principles in Tosca Reno’s books). I thought that since I’m going to be touching people 8 hours a day, I should really invest in being healthy. No time for the snafoos I sometimes experience. Since I already have sensitivities to gluten and dairy and cut those out (mostly. jen, shut up. i know. cheeeeeese.) AND since I am just not that picky, it have’t been hard. In fact, thought I’ve spent more time at the grocery store, I’ve spent a LOT less money.

i tried to pictorially capture my feelings about life right now. this was the best i can do. upside? i almost have mermaid hair. by christmas probably for sure, maybe.

As far as the anticipated benefits: y’all, this diet ain’t lying. I feel great and I have sustained energy for my looong days that turn into 60 hour weeks.


Plus, I, the queen of keeping weight on, have lost 6 lbs in a week and a half. There , i said it out loud….that’s so scary for me. Oh well. I was at first concerned i might be losing muscle, but I’ve still been working out and my nutritionist friends tell me that no, it’s just fat I’m losing. Well, fine then. I’ll take that. I mean, my mom summed it up best in her text “Good Job! But most important is: You’re healthy.”

country road, take me (to my daddy’s) home, to the place, where i (have never) belong(ed but am starting to like a lot better)

And it’s true. Despite the crazy schedule I think I may currently be the most physically healthy I’ve ever been.  And maybe mentally but who knows, since I basically have anatomy in my brain and nothing else.


Kay. those are some updates. Bug, how did I not take any pics with the kids?!

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