“Then I Really Will Be Like Your Period”

so i’m in the car with the homedude and he talks about how he got transfered to a further-away city and will only come to town every four weeks now, and he says, “Then I really will be like your period.” with a smile.

::ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh it is ONE thing for me to jokingly not-really-reference my period on my blog which he SAID he didn’t really read it is a complete other for him to reference me referencing it TO MY FACE because he just said period::

“…” I’m pretty sure I’m blushing. I don’t blush because I don’t change colors (i don’t sunburn or get splotchy when I’m too warm, either. Yeah, be jealous) but I am blushing on the inside and he can tell because he says

“Don’t be embarassed. it was funny.”
“DUDE!!! You said you don’t read my blog.”
“I said sometimes.”
“And the one you just happened to read was the one about you?”
“I mean, I get bored….”

right. ANYWAY, the cup was back in town this weekend. He so sweetly announced himself with “I’m in town.” And I, playing it cool (whatever I never play it cool with him because playing it cool is for people who don’t already know you’re totally not cool/care if you are cool) say “OHMYGOSH let’s hang out!”

And then when it’s time for him to come over he’s all like “blah blah blah, wish wash words words.”

And I’m all like “Could you just get your ass over here already? Cause someone is being super mean to me and I need, like, the biggest hug known to man and I know you don’t hug  but you’re good company and that should help.”

(Cause srsly he DOESNT hug and he will sometimes let you hug him but mostly it’s so awkward it’s NOT worth it).

So he comes over with his laundry (cause he works 12 days in a row like a million hours a day and lives IN A HOTEL so he has to do laundry on days off. blick. I’m so glad I’m not an engineer!)

::i never finished this post. I don’t know where i was going with it. the next day, he told me he wanted to date me and I kinda lost track of what I was thinking, since my whole concept of the relationship was ripped away since, clearly, what I thought was going on was not what was going on.::


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