The Truth is, This is Perfect

::old post circa Nov 2011 from a relationship that ended but I still appreciate the cuteness so here, you may also. All of this week will be these old posts just cause I wrote them and want to post them as a record for myself. Then (MAYBE) I’ll start posting new material. No Promises::

Look I’m not saying it’s that bad. I’m not saying i’ll care or not care or really I’m not saying anything other than what I’m saying and what I’m saying is:

I’m super tempted to think right now that everything would be better if he were just here. That if he were in Austin, or in my living room, I’d be sleeping better and working on my project instead of blogging or I could kiss him and then I wouldn’t get distracted by thinking about kissing him (cause that’s how it always works, right, you kiss and that satiates the hunger and then you’re done and then you’re better? yeah, no, i know.) or even that he’d be better because I make him feel better.

But the truth is, this is perfect. The time and the distance apart are FOR us. Mayeb, admittedly, not FOR our relationship (although, I dunno, i think we could end up a lot stronger/less distracted for having had this time to talk every(ish) night and not see or touch each other) but DEFINITELY for us, our perseverance, our love of the Lord.

And I don’t have to be able to see things to be grateful for (although I can) in this situation to be grateful for the dang situation itself. Is it hard? yeah. Not the hardest thing ever but I’d prefer, what with the whole falling for him and starting a relationship thing, for him to be here. Is it suffering? Maybe not by the world’s standards, but God knows my flitty little heart is having a hard time. So I rejoice. Because

WE REJOICE IN OUR SUFFERINGS (even the little ones)

Knowing that suffering brings about perseverance,

and perseverance: proven character,

and proven character: hope.

and hope does not disappoint (because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us).


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