How Cute Can You Look for Eight Dollars?

This is not a fashion blog.

for some reason, this shot/angle reminds me of alice in wonderland.

This is a “try and keep track(ish) of the life of a mid-twenties, hyper-stimulated, somewhat wild (but Jesus-loving) gypsy girl who just-so-happens to be rather thinky?” blog.

thinky girl says what?

Those who know say that blogs ought to have a theme and an audience.

Fine. My theme is: my life and things I think or do or think about doing ET.CET.ER.A.

And my audience is: people who want to laugh or need a break for their brain or neither, but for some reason love me enough to keep up with my blog.

I think a lot about clothes. As in I think of them often and I think they communicate about life, the universe, and everything . Although WHAT they say is not always an exact translation (if ever), clothes are a great diving board into the pool of socio-cultural dynamics.

Andplusalsotoo sometimes they are pretty. I love pretty.

That being said, let’s have a fashion post, shall we? Yes, we shall. What fun. ::does little dance::

just looking at this pics makes me want to go put that dress on

i. ADORE. this dress/outfit. So let’s talk about it. I’ll start: It’s a thrift find from this hole-in-the-wall that I visit every time I’m in Castroville, Tx.  Which, in a small town, the walls have even smaller holes. So this find was wonderful.

It’s handmade and when I bought it, it had an extra layer of pink fabric and lace. Which just made it look awkward. Meedle Seester (conveniently known as the lace face) was forced into…got voluntold….sweetly and with a smile on her face took care of that issue while I was busy doing Jenna’s makeup or some equally valid excuse for forcing labor from a 16 year old. (she was paid in scraps. and hugs. and undying affection I LOVE THE LACE FACE.)

But what’s really amazing about this uber-cute, hand-made piece is that it cost me a total of $4. See why I always stop by the store? Exactly.

side view

you can sort of see the sweet little rose-chain detail on the neck and first hem in this shot (i dont think “first hem” is a term, i’m going all billy shakes on you. As in william shakespeare. as in making up words. mmmmkay?) . You can also see that at the end of the first hem, this is a short dress. To accommodate, I wore a dress-slip (slip dress?) undergarment. It went from just above the lace hem (so several inches below the pink hem) and fit like a nude colored tube dress. No lines or flashes, and I didn’t have to bother with leggings.*

another angle, better detail on the bottom

Anyway, I also love how well this whole look came together. I felt cute and spring/summery and fun. Just what the dr ordered (i dont go to the dr much, can you tell?) For a Sunday afternoon off.

AND, the silver cuff and headband were gifts (i find people are generally giving. If you don’t find that’s the case, come over, i’ll give you some things), the shoes I had from a wedding, and the belt was $4 at a goodwill in Tennessee (go thrifting. everywhere you visit, thrift). So THIS is how cute I can look for just $8. How about you?

* I use the fingertip rule (hems that go past my fingertips) but i have long long legs and a squatty torso. So, admittedly, while appropriate, this is on the short side, and looks more so in the photos.

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