Hey, Come ‘Ere

Wanna know a secret?

get ready:

if you’re reading this, you should feel dedicated! Or stalkerish. Whichever, it means you did something special.


I usually get most of my traffic from The Twitter or The Facebook. (I like putting demonstrative adjectives in front of common, but Proper nouns. The Walmart. The Google. The et cetera.)


And you know what I gone and did? I gone and deactivated my The Facebook and The Twitter accounts.


Not cause I’m cool, not cause I’m pissed, not cause there is something wrong,



But because I can’t keep up with that much information right now,

and I hate feeling like I’m constantly playing catch up.


Not fun.


Not productive.




(i don’t know if you can tell, but I am genuinely in a fantastic mood. class was super fun today. We learned abdominal massage. No one farted (that i know of) but nor could anyone keep a straight face.)


And I feel uber fun and fancy free. Well, I am carefully ignoring my homework pile. But other than that, I’m jolly-grand.


Yes, I know there are consequences to shutting of those social media outlets. Mostly: there are invitations I will not see. And that makes me a little sad. But it also means I’ll only be in contact with people who are

a)in front of my face or

b) know how to track me down


And that’s nice. Hope I don’t miss anything too fun.


OH yeah, and thanks for reading even when I didn’t make it easy.

okay now, go away.

One thought on “Hey, Come ‘Ere

  1. I stumbled on your blog because I was looking for a google image of “meanie” to send to a friend that had just been mean to me (jokingly). And a picture of a kitten came up from your blog and I have just spent 45 minutes while I should have been working checking out your blog. I love your honesty and Christ-centered views and sense of humor. I think I’ll stop by once in a while and learn something. I relate to a lot of what you say (the tough stuff, usually, but also the fun stuff). Anyway, keep it up and check out my blog if you’d like (I moved to the Arctic 6 months ago and am blogging about it!) http://topoftheworldgirl.weebly.com/. God bless you – you’ve already helped me today with some things I was dealing with. So thank you.

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