Can Hipster Just Happen?

What is hipster?

No, I’m for serious. I have this idea of what hipster is. It’s cool. Fashionable. Overtly pouty. It’s not traditional, it’s original: or at least it tries to be. It’s avante-garde and people are hateful about other people being hipsters, but I think that’s because some “hipsters” assert their hipsterness to the annoying degree.

Anyway, I keep getting called a hipster.

And I always thought hipster was the kind of thing you had to try to be. It had to be intentional. And me? I’m not cool. I’m  a nerd. A bookworm who sometimes tries new things but just because I’m too cheap to do the “mainstream” thing. I’m not cool, I’m resourceful, frugal, and somewhat oblivious to my own weirdness.

Today, I had to take a good long look in the mirror and think: Can hipster just happen?

here i am in all my “i might be a hipster” glory

there are two things you need to understand about this posture. one: it’s really hard to get one shot that shows all the accessories you want and two: I am never this disgruntled in real life, it’s just that I’m trying to see the pic on the phone to take. that’s one of my thinking faces, i suppose. (poor professors.)

because here’s what: those glasses? I need them to see. I know, they are Ritzy-Jesse-Raphael glasses, but they give me a HUGE field of vision and I was tired of the blind spots I had in my other glasses.

Okay and yes, i am wearing a leapord-print lace flower in my hair but…people do that, right?

That shirt? it’s got the “i dont care” fit that’s so in with the teenyboppers right now. But only because it’s 5 years old. And I don’t, as it appears, care.

The skirt is probably vintage. I don’t know. I bought it for 25 cents at my favorite thrift store in the world, a little one just down the street from Daddy’s house in Tennessee. (Srsly, i wish i could transplant that place back here. I always find the greatest things. Which they then sell me. For 25 cents.) I just don’t think “I bought it for a quarter” necessarily equates to hipster.

The bracelet – okay, i don’t know what to say about the bracelet. It’s from Uganda, sure, but that’s not about ME being cool, my friend’s daughter gave it to me AND SHE IS UGANDAN.

And okay, yes, I did make that nosering. It was a gold earring and I reshaped and cut it down to be a nose hoop. Fine. Maybe that COULD be cool in the whole “making your own jewelry” way…but I used wire cutters and a pen as my tools, doesn’t that nullify the cool factor?

I don’t know why I’m fighting this so hard. Maybe because I think hipster boys are scary skinny and I don’t want a skinny boy because I might break him. I’m stronger than I look.

Am I a hipster? Please, you guys, you gotta weigh in.

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