There was some nice lighting on the couch the other day…

it never fails. i always like photos best when they don’t show my whole face.

So, I was sitting on the couch the other day, the last survivor of 2010’s “Great Battle of the Ugly Things,” (how we refer to my mom trying to put PINK DOILIES all over the house), and noticed some pretty great lighting. Maybe by great lighting, I mean “washed out my blemishes”. Whatev.

i wish i’d taken that bathing suit strap down. :(

So, of course, I did the only logical thing: stopped what I was doing in order to  do a webcam photoshoot. (Look, i know I take a lot of self-pics. It’s because I’m vain. Not the “im so pretty” kind, the “i don’t think i’m pretty so when i think i look pretty, i want to prove it” kind. I’m working on believing the truth about beauty but this is still fun and my mom appreciates it. There. Feel better?)

almost my whole face. brave.

Also, i had just gotten a new ring from my mama. Sad story: the two peices of jewelry she’d given me that my father had given her were lost and then stolen. So anyway, i was sad to not have a piece to wear that represented them. I asked my mom if there was anything else, and she said only their wedding bands. Uhm, no. No thank you.

BUT, she did have a ring she took from my aunt long, long ago.

perspective is a jerk. or my hand swelled to five times it’s original size. you choose.

it’s like a tradition: Aunt susie gets things and mom likes them and takes them and decades later I take them from her. It has happened with a pair of earrings, a quilt, and now this little beaut. Which, i know, is blurry in the above pic. So i figured out a way to make it in focus…but its a little weird.

i….know….but i really wanted to get a clear pic of the ring!

It’s a rose with a teeeeeeeeeny little diamond in the middle. or maybe it’s glass. who knows? but it’s so cute and i love it and it helps me feel connected to my family and my heritage, somehow.  also, when it’s on my right ring finger it fits great…but is super difficult to take off.

lost in my hair and my thoughts

this one doesn’t show the ring very well. but it’s my fave of the set.

So, do you have any “family heirlooms” or “stolen and given and passed down” items to which you’re attached?

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