Redosies: Awkward Dresses (1)

Once upon a Sabbath, I got out my mending pile and decided to add to my wardrobe  by up-cycling a few peices that I like, but was never going to wear as-is.

Unfortch, I didn’t snag any before shots. Y’all, I’m sorry, lesson learned.

But here are three of the redo finished products for your appraisal:

First we start with this guy.

Here we have a “dress” my mom gave me. Now, mama is 5 feet tall on a good day. So it makes sense that some of her hand-me-downs would be a mite small on me. But in addition, that elastic hit at the most awkward spot, making the space above and below look awful no matter how lean the wearer.

seam ripping. what the hulk would have done had he more patience, or time, or less of the stuff that makes him green. You know I JUST made the hulk/hyde connection? weird.

I just removed the top by seam ripping it from the elastic. Easy-peasy.


I tried it with the elastic wrapped under (that shirt is just a work out top I had on, I don’t know that even I would wear that many shades of one color at one time).


It’ cute but kinda funky pulled up like this. So I also tried wearing it like it was made, but lower on my body.


Which i did NOT like because…ew…fleshy roll and then it just fell frumpy. One more adjustment and I had a more versatile length but no flab highlight.

the look i liked best

It’s not the cutest, but it’s light and perfect for just running around with a simple tank and then a statement hat/necklace/whatever since it’s such a simple piece.

I think one of the keys to sticking with low-budget clothing is committing to working with what you have. If I’d either tried this as just the original dress, as a tunic, or even as a skirt with the elastic out, I’d have never worn it. But because I had determination to use the darn thing, I worked with it until I found a way I actually enjoyed.  Now, not every piece will be salvageable. But far more are than aren’t, I’ve found, even if it takes you a few tweaks to figure it out.


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