Tangled In My Blanket

of sheets.


Do y’all remember how I lurve the Foo Fighter’s “Walking After You”? Well, I do. Specifically, I enjoy the line “tonight i’m tangled in my blanket of clouds, dreaming aloud.”


Anyway, you know what I got?

-Attitude (yes, but not where I was going.)

-Scurvy! (no! I eat a million citrus-es every day!)

-The Holy Spirit! (hallelujah. Still, not where I was going for this particular post)

-Talent? (maybe you should just let me answer the question…)

-Okay, what, other than poor grammar, do you got?

*all of those dashes up there indicated where YOU are talking. See what I did there? I included you. Thanks for your participation.


Back to the point (where? shiny!), what I have right now is a lot of feelings and thoughts and not a lot of time to turn them into the words I’d love to share. And really, it’s been a while, so I would very much like to share. Sharing is caring. I think Big Bird taught me that.


In lieu of talking about all the dark and tangly parts of the human condition, the economy of pouting and it’s possible social manipulations (and the ungodliness therein), the Glory of God in every single moment and the overwhelming ability of mine to forget said glory, I’m going to share more photos. They are funny in at least one of the following ways:


2) ha-ha.


The following are photos of Jamie, a classmate, and me, practicing our body wrapping. And being mummys. And geese. But only the metaphorical kind of the latter two statements. Keep Calm and Carry On, I never say.

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