FTR: I’m Still In Grad School

Here’s one big clear up I’ve meant to post since I’ve heard rumors of confusion in dark back alleys.

Not that I spend time lurking in shadows, being the terror that flaps in the night. (THAT was a Darkwing Duck reference, TYVM.) What? Shiny, Captain! Exactly (and THAT was a Firefly reference. I can keep em comin, y’all).



I am still enrolled in the program this fall, which starts on August 28th, which means that for three weeks I will be in massage school,

AND Grad School,

AND massage internship

BUT NOT counseling internship (my clinicals start in the spring of 2013)

BUT STILL working as a babysitter and receptionist.

SOOOOO, since massage school + work is already causing some static in my social media,

and since I’ll only get progressively more busy  close to death  involved in these endeavors, I thought it pertinent to clear up back-alley-shadow rumors now:

I’m still pursuing my master’s degree in professional counseling and my license in professional counseling, set to achieve the former in December of 2013 and the latter 2600 client contact hours after that. (Yes. I need 3000 contact hours (I’ll graduate with 400) for a full license. My goal is to have my full LPC by age 30, and I’m turning 27 in September. We’ll see, eh?) 

The massage program I’m in should (Godwilllin’andifthecreekdon’trise) end in September, with me taking a Jurisprudence exam and MBLEX (licensure exam) just after and being eligible to work as a massage therapist in early October.

And if all those things happen according to plan (and what ever DOESN’T go according to plan?) I’ll be eligible for a social life again once the leaves change color. OR, since I live in Texas, once they just fall plumb off, as ’twere. Howdy!

Yeah, It’s a busy season. Maybe the busiest of my life (maybe tied with that semester I was in class 27 hours a week and worked two jobs and was anemic but didn’t know it, but that was me being a goose and THIS was a good choice). BUT I CHOSE THIS ON PURPOSE because I am



on-board with the restorative, positive, sometimes even TRANSFORMATIVE power of kind, intentional, consensual touch. Especially as performed by a clinician actively interested in client healing. I mean we’re not supposed to say that word, perhaps, but it’s true. Touch changes things. It communicates things. We need it.

And as a healing artist-citizen (thank you, Jesus, for the narrative qualities allowed through hyphens), I see that sometimes people need to talk about their feelings and have their hearts cared for,

and sometimes people just need to get on a table and have their bodies cared for.

And, though for different sets of people, I want to do both.


Maritza Amanda Valle,

aspiring therapist in many senses

so what’s up with y’all?


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