Princess Pilar

Once upon a time, a woman named (something else but who chose to go by) Pilar was born.

sometimes people ask if im her OLDER sister. RUDE.

Well, I mean, she wasn’t born as a woman. She was born as a baby, like so many are. Except THIS baby was special. When she was born, the doctor held her, looked on in awe, and said, “You didn’t have a baby, you had a doll.” (It was sweeter and less creepy in Spanish, which is how he said it. Cause they are brown people.)

Then she grew up and had a baby, who everyone said was a really ugly baby (me).

Then when HER baby grew up, she told her,

“When i get old, i want you to put me in a home. And I’m going to make them put a tiara on my head and call me Princess Pilar!”

this is how she keeps the sun off her face while driving

Amen, mama. Amen.

So, even though she’s not old yet, only turning 35 (::ahem:: she’s dyslexic and loves that when it comes to reporting ages) and I’m not going to put her in a home (rather we’re just going to go to dinner), I still wanted to say happy birthday to Princess Pilar, the mama God chose for me and the mama I’d always want if I had the choice.

Thank you for teaching me so many things, including when something is worth it, and how to smile when life is never boring. ;)


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