there are so many things going on in this batty little brain of mine.

want evidence? i’m LITERALLY saying things like “trigeminal nerve” and “cervical foramen” out of nowhere and then trying to remember what those things are, and why I learned them, so I can move on with whatever i was thinking before.


It seems there isn’t enough time or room in my mind or my life to process all the things (all beautiful) that are happening in and around me. I feel like I’m just…floating in the sea of events, observing and enjoying, but for a season, not much able to make a direction or chart where I’ve been. Which sounds awful for a thinky girl como yo-self, but it’s just…beautifully fine. God’s moving mountains and for now, I get to see the glory of wreckage and the view without understanding and without needing to understand.


just keep running


I’ve never been out on a big boat. The kind that would require an anchor. I’ve never even seen a real anchor. But I saw a tattoo of one on my friend’s hand last night (while I was inappropriately sassing him during “welcome” time at church) and in addition to many thoughts on tattoos, I thought about what an anchor is –

and how people talk about Jesus being their’s. (i originally typed the wrong form of “their” (there)::shudder::)


And He is big. And He is strong. And he does hold us in place in the greatest of storms and gales.


And right now, I’m so grateful because

iiiiiii am a wave, tossed by the wind,

but HE is my love, holding me steady, placing me where He knows is good, and best.

sure, put on an evening gown. why not, really?

And I love him. yeah, yeah, yeah. ;) (beatles Jesus reference FTW)


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