Sweet lovey-dovey cutaboos:

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m twitterpated.



But here:

it’s an “eh” photo of me, but that handsome man on the right? he took me midnight swimming in a creek in the moonlight. Why? Cause he’s a dreamboat.


I’ll give you this one little photo. (I have SO many because I insist on taking a new one every time I see him. I don’t even know why. Literally. So don’t question me.)


I asked Michelle what I should blog about, because I don’t have time to write about all the serious things I’m thinking (but let’s PLEASE talk later about social implications of posture, yes?) so I didn’t know what to write.


And my Belle says I should tell you about the mboot.


So I shall.


The Homenovio (that guy in the picture up there) is out of town. And (not planned this way) I’m going to a wedding tonight with the Mac Man. At which I’m sure we will take the pictures and then I will post the pictures because that’s what you do with ALL THE THINGS.  And for sure, SOMEone will think, “wait, what’s Ritz doing with this guy? that doesn’t look like the guy from all the other recent interweb litterings (instagram).”


So I decided to make an explanation. That no one will understand unless they read this here blog. It’s called #mboot.










“You’re at a wedding with someone else?”
“Yeah, my boyfriend’s out of town.”

“Do you have time to hang out?”
“YES! My boyfriend’s out of town.”

“Why are you staring at the phone with puppy eyes?”
::lip jutting out:: “My boyfriend’s out of town.”


Seeeee? Andplusalsotoo, Homenovio has not overtaken my calendar, and it just-so-happens that ALL (every single hour) of my off time for the next few weeks happen when he’s out of town. because….



while the cat is away the kitten shall…. continue to post photos of him on the interweb with nothing resembling permission. (idiomatic expressions aren’t really my thing)



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