Bride, Birthday, Boyfriend, Boss

One thing that I hear rather often is “Wow, you have really good friends.” My Belle and I were talking about it just yesterday morning, how we are surrounded by a really special group of friends. We are, essentially, spoiled… and we see that when we get into new situations that aren’t OUR norm, but are the norm of the world.


My cousin Troy once told me that for him, success could be measured by how many people would drop everything for him if he needed them. He said that would mean he’d done something right, loved well enough to make that difference, to impact others that way. Most people long for that. Some have their core group- their “people.” The ones they know they can count on.


But that’s not exactly how it is with me. I don’t have a small, core group of people who love me well. A great portion of my friends are the fierce lovers who, not because of my worthiness, but because of their hearts of love and compassion, support and pursue and love me with wild abandon and abundance. It leaves me in awe (and often tears) any time I think about it.


Because if I really needed them, there would be scores of people who would drop their everything for me. Because it’s just who they are.



So anyway, I have really, really good friends. I’m surrounded by really loving lovers. And CLEARLY I’m getting a little weepy about it even though it’s only 8 in the AM. Whatever, let’s call this my morning cry. A few miles and a cry to get all the extra energy out so the rest of the world gets a tame-er version of me. (NOT a Tamar version.)


Which, I am thinking of said friendsies and the loverlieness of having them because … I GOT ALL MY INTERN HOURS BOOKED —




Which, I would love to say is because I’m such an amazing therapist (and I DO have magic hands) but it’s really because I have such good friends.

Because really, it’s a big deal to trust someone enough that you’re going to pay to let them, as a student, touch your body, and believe that they will not hurt you, and not embarrass you, and will in fact HELP you. All while you’re laying naked and vulnerable on a table.


And as you may remember, I had this PIPE DREAM of being able to finish by my birthday. As in, every single appt would have to book and they would all have to be 1.5 hr appts and even weekdays would need to be taken (which they never are). AND IT HAPPENED. I’ll be done on Sunday, and my birthday is Monday.

(in other news, MAKE GOALS, PEOPLE. It helps to have goals!)


And this week I get to massage

a bride

a birthday girl

my boyfriend and

my boss. Among others. In fact, I’ve only massaged one stranger in the last few weeks because all my appointments booked up so fast with people I hounded to come in because i was a woman on a mission I know and who love me.


that’s…. really all I had to say.


In Summary:

God’s goodness is often communicated to me through the loving actions of my community.

That special-ness is seen by the greater community around me as they notice things like “wow, you’re really well taken care of.” Well, yes, I am. And I like how the Gospel shines itself everywhere when the body of Christ proves itself to be so.not. of this world.

Wall.E is super cute.

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