my boyfriend habitually blindfolds me

maybe “habitually” is a stretch. but it’s happened, before, on other dates,

and we’ve NEVER been on a date when i knew, beforehand, what we were doing (he really likes surprising me, i really like not being in charge, and I trust him a lot).

So that really helped last night when my friends were pulling off the great surprise-Ritz-for-her-birthday-caper of my 27th year.

calavera theme. perfect.

grapefruit margaritas. perfect.

most of all: room full of people I love from all different seasons and circles, together, happy, celebrating.


so perfect.



I’m struck by the gifts, the oh-heavens-how-thoughtfulness of the gluten-free/dairy-free food. The enormity of SNEAKERY involved (you are all such secret keepers! especially Jenbird. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!). And very most of all, I’m struck by the fact that even with the happy decor and great food and fun music and sweet gifts, my very favorite part of the night was being with the people I love, who love me so well. who KNOW me enough to love me just-right-for-me. Ya ever wanna make a girl feel special? Talk to these folks. They’ve got it down.


i am grateful for love. for people. for community. and laughs. and hugs.


and pink unicorn pinatas. (ftr)

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