A scattered little post of things and stuffness. Including: the HEB lady, how I became even more of a bag lady,that  flowers make me feel like a lady, and did you know? Elora is a lady and a writer (which i say in the same tone as “a gentleman and a scholar”).


Most pressing and probably least important, I was just at the HEB in Kyle (a town 20 minutes away….long story) looking at an unhealthy p-p (potential-purchase) with  what I can only imagine was mingled hope and disdain when a fellow shopper came up and responded to my vibes.

“Those are so good, aren’t they?”
“Yes! But so bad for you…”

and the she responded with something I’ve never heard before in my life. She said,

“Oh, but you’re so cute and tiny, you don’t worry about it. Later’s when these things creep up on you.”


And then she walked away, my sweet HEB angel. <3. (I made the purchase but ate in moderation).


Also at HEB, I bought a new lunchbox! Because I’ve been looking for a bigger one because I pack a LOT of food for the day. And it was the biggest one I’ve found that didn’t look like I was heading to the beach with a 6 pack of beer. It’s not really “my style”

it’s cute, just not so much “me”

But fear ye not, I’m sure I’ll just slap a calavera on it and it’ll scream my name (more on the obsession with skulls later. Because I have to compile the photos).


Also, does anyone know what these flowers are?

they remind me of soft fabric


I mean if you want to be a snark, they are technically some of the flowers given to me for my birthday. Because I’m so blessed that I got two kinds. These were from David and I’ve never seen any like them before.  Of course, when I asked what kind they were, it went like this

“What are they?!”
“I have no idea.”
“They’re so beautiful.”
“Just like you.”


womp womp. (not really womp womp. i adore this man and he can be romantic all he wants).


It’s a little difficult to blog right now, since my computer screen is going squiggly, which mkes me feel like I’m going blind (which I do NOT say flippantly).  I’ll keep you up on the saga of it’s possible demise. Or, if the demise is swift and without mercy, I won’t. yes, let’s blame lack of blogging on the probable computer end-of-life. (do NOT bring up that my boyfriend is some sort of computer whisperer or that his bestie RUNS a computer company. Boundaries, people. We need them.)


Today I did my first spirit-inspired journaling in a while. Most of the time, I do it every time I put a pen to page, but lately my prayers and journals have looked more like straight verse. It’s good to be able to get back to that kind of expression. Like taking a deep breath after forgetting to for a while.

do y’all journal?


I’ve been a bit of a sickie mcgee. I keep saying I have a summer cold, because I’m in mucho denial over the fact that it’s officially fall in just a few days. Except I want a pumpkin drink like a trying-to-be-skinny girl likes low-cal treats (cause who wants to call kids fat OR assume that they like cake and NOT that they have some sort of thyroid issue).


Anyway, tea is my best friend. Other than than it steams up my glasses. So it’s either sight or soreness (of throat). At least I can turn the mug into an accessory.

matchy matchy.

The last thing I was to share about it my new friend, Elora, ‘s new book: Come Alive. But I haven’t the resources to do it justice so for today I’ll just say,


“Go read this book.”

i stole this image from amazon

But maybe read what it’s about so you’re prepared. I didn’t because I just love Elora and new I’d like whatever she wrote. But my heart is breaking at the beauty of this story. So, there you go.

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