I’m Alive

My Friend Elora  recently published her first fiction novel.  It’s called Come Alive and you can find it on...everywhere. Which is good. Because you should get it. You want it. Well, maybe you don’t….. but let me help you understand why I think you should.


1) It’s a good read. You like stories? Here is a well-written, heart-capturing story. Boom

Here’s the blurb from Elora’s Website

Stephanie believes in stories. But even though she puts pen to paper daily and creates stories of change and hope, she fails to see the possibilities within her own life. Abused, alone and invisible to those around her, she struggles with self-worth and believing in another world – one of love and safety and healing. There are those in her life who believe in redemption and new beginnings, but can Stephanie trust them when all she’s ever known is betrayal? She wants to – her heart says it’s safe – but she struggles with believing the lies thrown at her day after day by others who should be protecting her. This is her story – all of it – the chaos and beauty caused by the wrecking ball of her family and the fight for rescue. All she needs is someone to listen. Will you be one who hears? It just may change your world.


2) Though Elora wrote this as a piece of fiction, it is by no means an extraordinary or far-fetched tale. Abuse, neglect, and trafficking are present and far more common than most realize. I have been learning about the issue for many years, have faced the stats, and am still very far from understanding on a tangible, real-life level. Reading this story, putting a name and imagined face and thoughts, ideas, emotions behind what I know does happen, every day, in real life, has helped my heart to get more in the game when it comes to knowing about and fighting human trafficking.


3) Also, it’s domestic violence awareness month. (Because it’s October and October is everything awareness month. Got something people should be aware of? Here, have October.) And I think reading this book would be a great talking point for entering the discussion of what domestic/family/relational violence/abuse looks like, how someone can help, and why some people may not ask for help. All of these are HEAVY topics, but they are worth caring about.

But here is the most personal, most true reason I want people to read this book:

4) Because it helps in healing.


I am alive because God, unlike me, is not short-sighted.

As part of the publicity for this book, Elora asked readers to participate in “I’m Alive.” And I am alive because God, unlike me, is not short-sighted. There were times, more than I’m happy to admit, when I did not want to be alive. There were times when I tried to not be alive.

But, in His sovereignty and grace, God extended his hand and stayed my efforts, and here I am today, because of all his interventions.

I’d forgotten about a lot of those times. The dark and tanglies when there literally seemed no way about. But when I read this book when Homenovio and I were beginning to see a lot of the effects of my childhood on our relationship. I mean, shit was hitting the fan, people. Which is messy and disgusting and gross as an image and was messy and disgusting (oh, the running snot and puffy face from tears) as a time. But it was so good. Because I began to understand where  a lot of my issues in romantic settings began.  And Homenovio got the chance to understand why and how this girl he loved was breaking apart on the inside when he had no idea what was going on. Because, through the mistaken thoughts and beliefs of the character (which she could not see as wrong because they were enforced by most of her experiences), I began to see my own false thoughts and beliefs. And once I saw them, I could address them. And now having addressed them, I’m starting to change them.


So I want you to read this book, even if you’ve never been through anything like this story, because for SURE something has at some point happened to you or someone you know, and it has shaped what they believe about themselves. And those beliefs are hurting them, keeping them bound to lies that drag them down and away from truth and healing and love. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Change can happen. Dead, stone hearts can be made fleshy, beating, alive ones.





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