New Hair and Magic Soap

I got my hurrs cut. A few inches that I didn’t WANT to lose, but that I sacrified to the dieties of barbie hair. (I.e., my ends were nasty bleached messes.)

I am one whose hairstyle can DRAMATICALLY change her appearance. Just a slight shift in part or wave and I feel like a new character.

Since life is a stage and all that Jazz or whatever and stuff. (what?)

Here are the pictures of what Laura, the hairstylist extraordinaire, did, since the is a negative thirteen percent chance my hair will ever look this well organized by my own doing:

eternal issue: what do i do with my face?

i know. i a little bit look like i sat on something. well maybe i did #sothere

which i curled to try to get the latin sweepy look.

came out more farrah fawcett than sophia verawhatever

and here is the curled/side-bang version. because i’m just into that right now…or because homenovio is. #samesies?

i think the sweepy bangs make a softer look. and a little bit remind me of the little mermaid.

from the back (as much of the back as i could self-photog)

Also, my face in these pics? NAKED. Not a bit of makeup. And it was about 10 hours since I’d washed it last. Since I’m usually of the greaser variety, I thought I’d share that my new favorite body soap is apparently also doing great things for my skin.

It’s called Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap in Peppermint.  I get mine at HEB and it looks to be about what you pay online so, doesn’t seem to be a mark-up, really.


Magic is in the name! I do feel like I’ve been sprinkled in fairy dust (like, the imaginary kind, not the drug. That’s a drug, right?) after I shower. But about the soap….lemme warn you,

they don’t like peppemint in the Netherlands, ya heard?


Okay… i’ll be explicit, to save you from tragedy..

Keep the spicy soap away from your naughty bits, pplfriends.

trust me.

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