titles are officially optional

I bought a vacuum today. Growing up, we called the vacuum the “chupa sopla” which means the suck-blow because someone (Grandmother? Great Grandmother) could never get the hang of saying “vacuum cleaner.” We also called the Ventian Blinds (or just mini blinds) the pinche blinds. You don’t know what pinche means? Don’t ask your professor. Or whoever at work you think speaks Spanish. 

or on second thought….


You’re welcome, people, you’re welcome.


Also, I’m doing nanowrimo starting tomorrow. I don’t know, maybe you can goggle it if you don’t know what that means. Maybe I’ll tell you later. I’m not feeling especially informative at the moment. 


It’s probably because I’m feeling so many other things. 


this is a photo unrelated to all the words. it doesn’t make sense but it’s pretty. just like life and love and crap.

I’ve have talked to no less than every ex boyfriend of the past half decade this week. 1) I don’t date THAT much, actually. (or, not when I know I’m doing it) 2) how many things can one heart feel? 3) no, it wasn’t on purpose 4) all of them were happy to hear from me 5) that feels like a pretty dang big blessing, right there. 


For Halloween David and I were Mal and Inara from Firefly. I was so hot. Whatever, I don’t even know what that means but I do know that captain tight pants had it going on in that costume of his. 


thx for the pic, weird al. and the ginger snaps. ginger snaps + almond butter = the bomb. 1997 style, when you were still allowed to say bomb.

Thricely different people this week have talked about how charmed my life is. You’re darn right. Except also when it rains it storms (that’s not an expression, is it?) but c’mon, I don’t really think I’m more blessed or more cursed, 

I just think I sleep less and think about it more than some others. 






Today i noticed we’re almost out of the box of wine. I told michelle like so:

“We’re almost out of that box of wine.”
“That’s not bad! You got it weeks ago.”
“I got it Tuesday night (8 days ago). It’s equivalent to 4 bottles.”
“Oh dear lord….”

It’s okay. We had a party on Friday. There’s no telling how much was due to the party. Besides, I like wine. It’s good for the heart and that’s just biblical or something like that is and it’s TOTALLY a good idea to take a “something-like-that” attitude about the Bible. 


My license was supposed to come in today. My massage license. So I can look for a jay oh bee. But it did not. Much to my chagrin, as I had been PROMISED by a state employee. And those are infallible like the pope. Exactly like the pope. 


I’m not good at cynicism. It comes out sounding awful. Unnatural.


this did NOT make me feel bad. this was Sunday when my best friend and boyfriend teamed up to cook while I was left to commentary and documentation. We all know our places.

Today something happened that made me want to vomit out my heart. It heart so much that I couldn’t feel the sunshine. David gave me hugs and a seashell and made out with me. Or, our version of making out, since we still don’t kiss. Michelle calls it cuzzling. (cuddle+nuzzle). Which I thought was something I would not say on my blog but you know what?

sometimes you want to numb your heart with making out and it’s completely maladaptive but your boyfriend is beautiful in the heart and easily convinced to hug you so you blog about it when you’ve vacuumed the whole house because your roommate has the hair of a Disney Princess/cherubim but sheds like a golden retriever


And sometimes you wonder: how much of this am will you leave on the internet once you’re a professional counselor?


Well, sometimes I do, anyway.  


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