When I walk into the room, people expect one of two things:

1) inordinate amounts of energy or

2)very focused attention on something.

When i come into a room quietly, REGULARLY, or spacy, everyone asks the same thing

“What’s going on? What’s wrong.”

Homegirl can’t ever be quiet or calm without someone thinking the world’s gonna end.



For the Record,

if you want your boyfriend to think you’re breaking up with him (and then want all of his friends to confirm it) go ahead and return all his stuff that you’ve borrowed without explaining.


Or so I’ve heard.  (that was a fun miscommunication)


(i did not break up with or even mean to break up with my boyfriend. are you kidding me? we’ve rsvped to weddings through march, people! don’t mess with a good thing)

UNRELATED here are some photos since i’m a little behind on the bloggies. I present to you: what happens when David and Michelle cook (you know, other than the food being super tasty and not burnt).

cadid. (n’t)

“what do you want us to do?”

i forget how big he is until i see him next to someone else.

at this point they were actually sassing each other. it’s one of my favorite things when the people i love sass each other. sass: it’s a love language.

david is over it. michelle is cute.


i am blessed,

and no one broke up with anyone last night. (whew)


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