Today, I called the Texas Department of Health Stuff. 


That’s….not the official name. 


But I was told IN PERSON when I applied for my MT license that it should be in-hand (they mail them) by Halloween. This was sooner than their buffer (it was at 3 weeks instead of 4-6) so when I didn’t get it, I was disappointed but figured hey, it’s the state, I can wait (and rhyme). 


I called today.


and was on hold (i kid you not, i looked at the timer) for more than 10 minutes. 


during which i feel really strongly that someone looked through a stack of papers, said, “Oh, Shimmy-shake!” grabbed a computer, punched some buttons, and then picked up the phone. 

“Ma’am, it’s just been approved and will be mailed to you tomorrow.”

“Oh, thank you..uh…was…there a problem?”

“It was on our end, ma’am, but I fixed it.” (thus my above assumptions.)

“And I can verify online?”

“Yep, go look, it’s there.” 

“Well, thank you so much!”



Which, part of me realizes that if I’d checked sooner, i could have maybe gotten it sooner, 

but when did i have time to work more? Exactly. so no stress, yo. 


BUTPRAISETHELORD I am so glad he went ahead and took care of that cause I was praying while on hold and, the best I could come up with was, “I trust…no, that’s not true. But I WANT to trust your plan no matter what so…. I need some help with that. Since if this license thing goes poorly (i thought they may have lost my pprwork) I …will probably pitch a fit of my own accord and that, I get, is not very becoming of your call and blessing on my life.”


And yes, in the 30 minutes since that call, I have already inquired about the job I want. #gitrmassaged

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