M Needs to Not Be Here Anymore: Wherein I Aggressively Advocate

“So you see M a lot?”
“Ha, yeah, she’s my roommate.”
“So what does she need?”
“M? M needs to NOT be here anymore.”

the table looked at me with wide eyes. I get it now, it seemed like I was complaining. Ha. whatever. M cleans all the time, cooks scrumptious GF meals to share with me,  and just-so-happens to be one of my best friends and one of the best roommates ever. I don’t know anytime we’ve had a fight and if were just about me, I’d keep her here forever. But it’s not about me, and her heart is hurting.  I looked at them to explain the miscommunication.

“What? It’s true. She NEEDS it. She needs to be back there (a country far away where she is pursuing relational  ministry to an unreached people group). It’s where she’s supposed to be. Her heart is not okay here, lingering, when she knows it’s not where she needs to be.”

Maybe you’ve felt this way. You’ve KNOWN you were supposed to be somewhere, doing something, and every time you were in NOT that place doing NOT that thing you were devastated.

Eventually, it’s like your heart is pumping sludge instead of blood, and so you can’t get enough oxygen, and things just aren’t going right, and it gets progressively harder and harder to go forward because your limbs won’t obey even the simplest commands of your now foggy brain. You need others to come in, to help. You can’t do it on your own. You weren’t meant to.



For back story, when she was overseas last year, she was fully supported. I.e. she had people giving to the amount that she needed to sustain ministry. (She can’t work for pay while she’s  there – laws of the land, so she has to go as a tourist and just pay for everything from support.)

When she came back for furlough, HALF of her support got dropped. People lost jobs, had to downsize, or in some cases they turned into missionaries themselves and so no longer had an income from which to give. Which, if you think you’re coming home for a stint to rest and prepare for more time on mission, and then you find out you have to figure out how to  pick up an extra $1400 a month within that time, that’s hard enough.

But now it’s been two months longer than originally planned, and despite her spending a ton of time working on it, attempting to contact and connect with people to partner with, she’s still in America, and she still isn’t fully supported.

So let’s do this biz!

She needs another $350 a month to get back. Apartment, relationships, teammates, and opportunities waiting for her.

$350 a month.

Now, last I checked (30 minutes ago), 17 people subscribe to this blog about about another 50 read it daily. Y’all. We can do this. If JUST subscribers gave $25 a month, we’d overshoot the target.

I’m actually going to a financial seminar tonight to figure out how I can give more. But I can’t do the whole thing.  So, since I’m the leader of her advocacy team, I’m advocating for her.

If you can and want to give ANY amount, contact me. ritzvalle (at) gmail.com.

Because, M needs to not be here anymore.



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