THE Job (and how to book)

Like almost everything in life, I had a pretty clear idea of the job that I wanted when I started working this fall. the following were my criteria:

1) i wanted to work somewhere that didn’t involve outside-hours. i.e. not for myself, where I would handle booking and laundry and such.

2) i wanted to work somewhere i could get enough hours to MTs make a LOT more money by hustling and working weird hours and taking lots of side work. Which is not what I want. I want to work one job and pay my bills and keep my sanity.

3) i wanted a place that charged a fair price and paid a fair wage. i.e. somewhere i could feel good about referring friends to regularly, not just as a special treat.

4) i wanted to work central.

I am on the schedule for 35 hours (28 workable hours) a week, just a hair over full time for an MT, at Massage Harmony on 38th just north of Lamar in the 26 doors shopping center.

All I do is show up and massage people. Love it.

There aren’t add ons, packages, or retail, so it’s not a spa experience, (like heart and sole, where I used to work reception and where I’d recommend if you are looking for a couple’s massage or aromatherapy, etc) which helps because it makes it what I consider to be the best (non-spa) deal in town. That was important to me, a penny-pincher, because I never want people to spend more than they need to.  And it is nice, clean, and you’re coming to me so you’ll get great work.

When i’m not booked up, I can head next doot to TEO gelato shop and study

ooor blog :)

So for those who were wondering, that’s the exact job i wanted, and why i wanted it.

You can call them and request me to book today, even. (512) 276-2481.

But now I have to go, because my 11:15 just got booked! YAY! First one!

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