broken rosaries and cat gangs

it’s a holiday,

so i am with the zinsmeyers and squeezies. duh.


hilarity so far:

this bug . 

“granny’s been praying on a broken rosary for 3 months. I fixed it for her and then she immediately found her other one.”
“broken rosary prayers don’t get heard.”

“HE LOOKS LIKE TONY STARK!” – Emory, who is obsessed with Iron Man, in reference to Homenovio (of whom he clearly now approves) in these photos.

“I was asleep when Daddy was wiggling (fishtailing/hydroplaning) the car. But then we woke up on the broken fence and i was like, ‘Whoa.'”

“This is the best phase of the moon for me.” – Jacob, playing a video game

In the car on the way home from dinner at a steakhouse (which, don’t let’s talk about the difference between Austin and ANYWHERE when it comes to produce and GF options) Kerri couldn’t find a speed limit, so she told me to tell her if i saw one. Just after, Kaylee is talking about who is in what car (we split in two) and this happened:

Kerri: “So, how many people are in both cars?”
Me, seeing a speed limit sign: “35”
Kaylee, in a voice that makes it clear she thinks I’m an idiot, “No. ::scoffs:: There are THREE girls and TWO boys. That’s FIVE together, Tia!”

what’s really funny is that “35” is not even that weird for me to say to the ppl-in-cars-question. Kaylee knows my nonsense.

An update on “family”
Paul whiskers ran away and joined a cat gang. Mom’s all upset because she thought he was lost but then saw him running around with all the other cats.”

“Her other three children turned out so well, she was due for a rebel.”

“I told her she could just stay on the porch because the cat gang comes and eat the food she leaves out. They would be afraid but Paul Whiskers would still come up.”

“What’s she gonna do? Catch him and rehabilitate?”

“Hold him hostage. She really wants an inside cat.”

2 thoughts on “broken rosaries and cat gangs

  1. I love, love, looooove the photos of the two of you. (by the way, I feel like a creepy voyeur, spying on the relationship of someone I only know through the internet from thousands of miles away, but I guess that’s the world we live in now!). So when do you feel you can stop calling him “homenovio”, and label him something slightly more permanent like “homeestable”? Keep up the great writing – I love reading your thoughts on your blog even though I don’t always comment!

    • Thanks so much! I’m going to get the full shoot CD soon, so I may post more. I don’t think it’s voyeuristic, but i know what you mean: i feel the same way about several blogs I follow. Haha. I’ll have to write a post about the “homenovio” title, but he’s very stable in my heart. :)

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