fell right off my face

it’s 8:30 in the pm


life has been pretty great, albeit busy, lately. plenty of blogworthy stories, it’s just that life has been too full of life to allow room for blogging.


or nano-ing.


i sooooo fell off that wagon.


anyway, all the weddings and the parties and the family and the friends and the woe-is-me-my-life-is-so-full-of-happy-that-i-don’t-have-time-to-write-about-it.


you don’t want to hear about all that, right? right. but i’ll post pics when i get them, i guess. (i’m thinking hannah took some winners while homenovio and i were slow dancing. to “at last” by etta james.  which i was also singing to him. oh, people. the romance!)


BUT WHAT I WILL tell you is this quick little ditty:


I’m fine. But I’ve had a headache for about a monthandahalf. Literally. It’s a thing, I need some significant trigger point work which I’ll get to after finals because while eventually it will get better, i’ll also probably be sick for a few days during the process.


yes, let’s us talk about why you should get help when you first need it. But let’s talk about it later, after i’ve gotten better and have a nicer attitude about it.


ANYWAY so i have this headache. it’s usually worst at night. makes sense.


so right now it’s a bit painful.


and maybe i wanted to eat my pain. MAYBE that is maladaptive but permaybehaps that doesn’t matter anyway because when i got to the pantry to find the replace-my-pain snack,


my glasses literally just slid right off my face,

causing me to stumble into the shelf,

and break my third glass item THIS WEEK,


leaving me blind, confused, and standing in the midst of a pile of broken glass,

thinking: “Wh-what?”



i’m not pissed, upset, even miffed, y’all.

i’m tired.



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