Date Night Revelation

I’m sitting in a bank lobby, thinking lots of very important thoughts, and coordinating this week’s double date (homenovio and I spend a LOT of our time with other people, too) and it hits me:

I have a weekly date night.

With parties, weddings, and holidays it isn’t always possible that we actual go on a one-on-one date specifically, but we try.

And that is remarkable to me: that another human being with his own thoughts, ideas, and priorities loves me enough that he will dedicate at minimum an entire night, every week, to spending time solely communicating that care and affection.

Not just hanging out (we do that)
Not checking off to-dos (we do that also. Grocery store shennanigans are the best of all possible shennnanigans)

But actively pursuing our relationship with each other.

I am Pavlov’s date dress.

Friday, instead of date night, we want to hang with la familia and decorate for.Christmas. I had to miss 3 parties because of this last minute change but family is family and I NEEDed some time with them. Since we were “just spending time with family” I was wearing my work clothes when homenovio got me. HE was in nice jeans, dress shoes, a button up and a blazer. Let me tell you, that man is many things and GOOD LOOKING in date night clothes is one of them. We had to turn the car around so I would shower and.change because I’ve been trained:

Sometimes we communicate our value to each other through the effort we put on the other’s behalf. 30 minutes later I bound down the stairs, over dressed for my parents’ house but ready to adore my love and feel after in return.

Four hours of cooking, eating, and game playing later we have fluff the tree and not much else, my social media are screaming at me about how much I’m “missing”, and I know without a doubt that my night has been spent in exactly the way i’d have chosen….

But I’m looking forward to a “just us” date in the future. You know, too many enjoyable, loving friends to see. #littleblessedoneproblems ;)


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