i am unintentionally obsessed with words.

i love, and the app.

i don’t do a word-a-day because i look words up so often it’s irrelevant (and i don’t usually remember those ones).

all images from googleimages

all images from googleimages

last night i was telling homenovio that it always startles me when others don’t know the lyrics to the songs they love, and even more so, don’t know the meanings of the words or the story phrasing of the songs they sing.


this is especially true with Christmas music. which, i don’t know if i’ve let the cat out of the bag here, but in real life, anyone within hearing range knows i


holiday music.


N*sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” is an exception but the general rule is: if it’s a song about the holiday season that isn’t celebrating the gift of resolution, restoration, and redemption of our relationships with God, i’d just as soon chunk it.


Mary did know, an angel told her, so get over it. (Fine maybe she didn’t know the details but OIY THE FAKE FEELING with which artists sing this.)

What the darn does Ertha Kit’s ridiculous wish list have to do with….ANYTHING?!?!

And every time a new pop star gives away their heart on Last Christmas, i want to scream at the radio “WHY DON’T ANY OF YOU LEARN?! THE VERY NEXT DAY, THEY’LL GIVE IT AWAY.”

Maybe i have screamed that. #lungcapacity

rudolph, frosty, and those DAMNABLE CHRISTMAS SHOES?!?! holy everything, batman, i will chuck a chancla at persons blaring that music.

oh look, even more unhelpful pithy homogeneity. MY FAVORITE. (n't)

oh look, even more unhelpful pithy homogeneity. MY FAVORITE. (n’t)

But Christmas Carols,

REAL ones (as i define)

ones that mean that after an eternity of sin and death, all the world had ever known, a Savior came and turned it all upside down ,



those are some of my favorite songs and i’ll sing them all year long.


I was 16 my first Christmas that i was a Christian. So this will be my 12th year. Just a awkward tween when it comes to my faith and all the trappings thereof. And yet old enough in years on earth that my voracious mind wanted to know and understand all the deatails.


one thing I’ve noticed about myself is that as i grow older, my imagination does not dim. i don’t wonder less just because i’ve learned more. With each step in knowledge, i also gain insight into what i do NOT know. And i hunger and thirst for knowledge and wisdom in a sometimes sinful way that makes me need a smack-down to sit and be and KNOW that He is God and God is good. But, that’s another story.


This story is about how songs have words and words tell stories and SOME stories are worth knowing.



The Austin Stone is the church i partner with and it is one of the most informative and forming influences on my life: period. Cause los homies take the bible seriously. They care about words and stories. So when they put out albums, they also publish the accompanying THEOLOGY of the songs.





That’s like candy to me. Except i don’t have to check the ingredients. (WHY is there wheat in sour patch straws? because of evil in the world, that’s why. except that’s a really really big theological stretch. Anywhoodles.)


SO if you are a big nerd like me (homenovio calls me a nerd) or if you just like learning (and admirable traits IMHO)  feel free to go to and look into all the resources they have made available.


Here is the explanation of an original song they produced for this year’s Christmas album. An album full of songs to which you should listen to and care about all the words. Or, maybe not should….


but if you do, it won’t be a mistake.


may the spirit of advent be alive in your hearts and your hearts alive in Christ.


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