current struggle

i’m currently struggling because i need to do some school reading and go to the gym (both of which do, actually, excite me)


but i want to stay home and finish cooking these pinto beans/turn them into frijoles a la charra. 


which is to say,


today, in this moment, in these circumstances,

i very much see that i am not who i was.



and beyond the issues of cooking and health and school and {gasp!} my first day seeing counseling clients, that is so encouraging to my heart.


it’s good for me to see that i can, and do, and will change. that God is not content to let me fester, and so i won’t. that i learn and can do more, and that i am not about or based on the things i do.



what about today tells you that you aren’t who you were?

2 thoughts on “current struggle

  1. Um sooooo where do I start? I sent out an email today to the people who downloaded Come Alive letting them know I’m taking the book through a round of edits. Then, I started a blog post where I admit my unbelief when it comes to Christian art. While writing this post, and being okay with the emails I’m receiving about my manuscript, I receive one in which my agent tells me he won’t be working with me anymore.

    And even though my heart feels a little shaken, I’m more whiplashed by the reminders of His purpose for me and His desire for me to take risks on my dreams (ahem).

    So yeah. A lot. But…a lot I’m okay with and (strangely) excited about…

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